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This is the author’s  series of works in which he brings over thirty years of local, state, and federal law enforcement experience to a funny, endearing, hard punching work of crime thriller fiction that looks inside what it actually takes to walk The Thin Blue Line. 


Dennis Patrick Murphy, MSCJ is a Navy veteran, former United States Air Force Reserve-OSI agent, and an adjunct professor who attained a graduate degree in criminal justice and has held the following titles in law enforcement and the military; Police Officer, ERT Operator, Detective, DEA Task Force Agent, Police Sergeant, Detective Sergeant, Police Lieutenant, Detective Lieutenant, New York State Supervising Criminal Investigator, USDA Senior Federal Investigator, United States Attorney's Office - Northern District of New York Law Enforcement Coordinator, Naval Intelligence Specialist, Navy Operational Representative, and OSI Special Agent, but his favorite title is being called ‘Dad’ by his four children.

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