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Becoming a police officer isn’t easy and Patrick MacKenna has the odds stacked against him…before finding out about girls, he’d aspired to join the priesthood…the whole good against evil thing intrigued him as a kid growing up in Central New York…now after marrying young and going through a divorce he’s trying to make it as a cop in his home town of Camillus…but he’s treading water on whether he’ll keep his job on the force…worse than that, Mac thought all cops were the good guys…he’s slowly finding out on his journey that this might not exactly be the case, and that some true blue brothers weren’t what they were supposed to be at all!


After laterally transferring from the sleepy bedroom hamlet of the Town of Camillus Police Department, Officer Patrick MacKenna has a whole different learning curve to contend with...he rarely if ever had to pull his gun at CPD, but now he has a hard time leaving it in the holster...drug dealers, gang bangers, robberies, shootings and stabbings just keep adding up in his daily log as he tries to assimilate to the fast pace life of a city cop in an urban setting...what's helping in the transition is that he's lucky enough to find an eclectic set of SPD officers who are turning out to really be brother's and sister's in arms!


Police Officer Patrick MacKenna finally gets his transfer to the Neighborhood Anti-Crime Section with the City of Syracuse Police Department. Officially beginning his investigative career with a set of soon to be lifelong friends.


If the young cops can survive the harrowing experience, they are all soon destined to achieve their gold shields. But trouble looms along the way as the princes of the city run around the urban metropolis with their hair on fire in this high speed, low drag anti-crime unit.


Near death experiences are around every corner, and Mac takes it to a whole new level when he volunteers to work

undercover narcotics for the DEA Task Force. The last line of duty death at SPD was in the exact same position.


As Mac is navigating these dangerous assignments, he quickly finds out yet again, that not everyone trying to hurt him is on the dark side of the street…


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